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Transmission Projects

Forbes Bros is the largest privately owned power line construction company in Canada.

We have over 900 employees, the majority of whom are currently working on the numerous transmission line projects that we have under construction. We have the skilled tradesmen and plant to permit us to construct hundreds of kilometers of transmission line on numerous projects simultaneously anywhere in North America, on any voltage from 69kV to 750kV. We are well skilled and experienced with any type of construction; wood pole, steel pole, or steel lattice towers.

Our highly skilled tradesmen perform all the facets of the construction through right of way prep, civil works, structure assembly and erection, and stringing. We have experience and innovative construction techniques to allow us to build line over any terrain and under almost any environmental conditions. RS Line is especially adept at utilizing helicopters for construction and stringing to mitigate environmental concerns and access problems over terrain that would be considered impassable by others.

Forbes Bros has a global workforce, recruiting linemen and managers throughout the world. We have agreements with companies from Europe, North America and Australia which allow us to recruit the skilled workforce that we require and put together unrivaled management teams to perform on any construction project that may come our way. Having these alliances on other continents enables us to staff new projects as soon as they are awarded, and be assured that we are providing highly trained construction crews and managers that are able to perform the work safely and competently.

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